This started as a little project to let MY GENERATION's children and grandchildren
learn a little about the most important people they would EVER know!

My Rockin' Generation!

I expected to do a few pages on my New Jersey family, a page or two of my Mom and Dad's old pictures
and a page or two of my step family.


Since then I've met relatives I didn't know I had, and have gotten information I never expected.

I'm related to half the world!!!

I'm trying to get it all organized (yeah, good luck) and available to everyone!

Of course, it will have to be seen from my perspective.

It's my show.


Best, I think, to start with a little history.


The next foray into the world of my family
is complete with pictures.
And pictures.
And - well, to put it mildly,
my family has had a love affair with the camera.
We still do.

Please join me if you will!     Meet the family!

It's really easy, just.....

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