Frances Catherine Kemmerlin

I found information about a Great-Great-Great-Great
(give or take a "Great")

Unless you are into geneology,
you have no idea how exciting this is.

Frances Catherine Kemmerlin was the second child of Daniel Kemmerlin
and his lovely wife Maria Wussert Kemmerlin.

The beautiful Frances Catherine was totally swept off her feet
by the handsome Frederick Jacob Ulmer.

There is nothing to document this - yet - but it is thought
that they are buried in an old Kemmerlin cemetary in the middle of the town
of Cameron underneath the water tower.

This information is word-of-mouth, passed down through the generations.

It is likely that Daniel and Maria are buried there, too.

The town of Cameron is located on part of what was some
of Daniel's original land grants, according to one of the ladies
at the Calhoun Museum in St. Matthews.

It's logical that the family cemetary would be located there.

Most of the above information thanks to Pamela Kemmerlin Johnson.
I found our Auntie, Pam had the information.

Page created 9/4/05