Germany, 1788.
This was the dress of the day.
As the Kemmerlin ancestors came from Germany,
this could be what they looked like.
Just a theory.

Daniel Kemmerlin may have been born
in Stuttgart, Germany, around 1759.
He may have been born here.
No entry into this country has been found for Daniel yet.

On June 20, 1773, he and Marie Wussert (correct name?)
were married in St. John's Lutheran German Church,
in Charleston, SC.

Daniel was a farmer.
In 1786, he was given a land grant in Cameron.
It is said that his fields were located
where the old depot now stands in Cameron.

Matthew Kimmerling came from Germany to SC,
and also received a land grant in 1786,
just north of Daniel's land.
It's quite possible that Matthew and Daniel are connected.

Daniel died on February 23, 1816; Marie on August 9, 1834.

They were survived by 5 children:

MaryFrances CatherineDanielPhilipConrad

Mary Kemmerlin married Nicholas Rickenbacker.

Philip Kemmerlin married Mary (surname unknown)

Here the story becomes quite shorter.

Philip and Mary had 3 known children,
one of these was Frederick, one was Samuel.

Samuel Kemmerlin married Ann.

Samuel and Ann were my father's Grandparents.
They had 5 known children,
one of whom was....

Samuel David.  Grandpa Kemmerlin.
9/29/1864 - 3/13/1935

Now while Samuel was romancing Ann,
Louis A. Brandenburg was out romancing
one lovely Caroline (Carrie) King.
(I just love romantic Grandfathers)

But just WHO was Louis A. Brandenburg?
Well, until recently, he was affectionately known to me as
Louis the Lost.
I could find no reference to him at all.

Then it happened.

I was browsing my email when I saw the name
Joe Brandenburg.

Actually, it was Barbara who was emailing,
and what information she had for me!
She told me up front that she might not have documentation for everything,
but then, puh-lese, no way do I consider this a scientific page.

Family legends, family stories, and who knows?
Family truths.  That's the fun.

Now back to the Brandenburg Line.
I'm putting a * next to my ancestors.

It's somewhere between 1685 and 1699.
*Solomon Brandenburg was born.

His son, *Johannes/John Martin Brandenburg was born around 1730.
Or thereabouts.

Evidently women weren't very important back in the day,
because next we see that *Martin Brandenburg was born in 1755,
son of John Martin Brandenburg.
We have no idea who Mom was.
At least I don't.

Martin died in 1808.

Martin had at least one son we know of.
*John, named for his Grandfather, was born 1784-85.

John first married Rosina Spigner/Zeigler (1783-1814) on 5/24/1820.

John and Rosina had one son,
*John Martin Brandenburg on 11/23 or 11/25/1810.

John Martin married Mary (surname unknown, b. circa 1813) around 1836.

They had 3 children.

*Louis/Lewis - 1836-1908 CSA
Alexander R. - ca. 1837
John M. - March 1840-after 1900

John Martin was married a second time, to Harriet Ann Smoke (?)

They had two sons.

James William - 2/25/1816 - 3/26/1857
(Ancestor of Joe Brandenburg, above)
Adam - born circa. 1818, died circa 1818-1820

Louis married Caroline King, or Carrie as she is known on the 1880 Census.

The 1880 Census also says they had 4 children:

Ida - born 1867John - born 1870Letty - born 1873Louis - born 1880


Lettie Lucretia.  Grandma Kemmerlin.

Grandma Lettie and Grandpa Sam
had 17 children.

13 survived to adulthood.

One very important one to me was
John father.


I thought I was told that I had been named after my two grandmothers.  My name is nothing like either
Lettie Lucretia or Theodora.

It wasn't until recently that I found out that
I probably misunderstood.

My father's grandmothers names were
Caroline and Ann.

Mine is Carol Ann.


Remember Philip and Mary's sons, Frederick and Samuel?

Just about everything Kemmerlin on this page
was graciously shared by one of Frederick's descendents,
Pamela Kemmerlin Johnson.

Pam, I can't thank you enough.

The picture at the top of the page is from
The History of Costume by Braun & Scheider