Great-Grandpa's first wife, Antje Witte,
was born November 10, 1846 in De Westen.
She was the daughter of Dirke Pz Witte and Guurtje Jans Zijm.
When she died on May 15, 1878, her youngest son,
Maarten, was only 3 months old.

Antje was 31 years old.

Great-Grandpa's second wife, Jantje Maas,
was born December 29, 1853 in Everstekoog.
She was the daughter of Willem Hz Maas and Betje Jans Hopman.
When she died on June 25, 1888, her youngest son,
Johannes, had just had his first birthday.

Jantje was 34 years old.

We are from her line.

Great-Grandpa's third wife, Hinderika Elizabeth Brouwer
was born May 6, 1853 in Groningen.
She was the widow of Willem Hendrik Koning.
Possibly also widow of Great-Grandpa.

Yes, there is a story here, somehow we lost her.

Family legend has it that she married Great-Grandpa for his money,
took it, and went to Chicago, Illinois, USA.
She hasn't been heard from since.
(hence, we've lost her)

Do I have proof?  Of course not.

How do you prove a legend?